The snow is starting to melt, soon it will be spring!

Hello Swaggers!

I am busy busy these days upcycling clothing projects, lots to do to make the transition happen. What transition you and world wide…eek very exciting! I have started by loading up my Etsy  upcycled baby clothe shop , I currently have about 50 items in there now, most not on this web site. I still have about 100 or more to add, “sigh”. So please check out the link below to my Etsy store and see what I have so far.

I am taking a brake starting today for a couple days from adding stock. I am going to be making a few new larger size designs with a little Valentines inspiration added 🙂 I will add those to the shop this weekend once they are made.

Would you like a custom piece made just for you? I am now for a limited time excepting custom orders, please message me and we can discuss your ideas and make it happen.ways to upcycle clothes

Happy Friday folks, get out get some wind up your nose, and hopefully some sun on your face.

Cheers, D


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