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This is where to find U.S. for the rest of the year!


Our complete list of locations to find U.S. this year!

~ November 12th West Coast Mama’s Laurel Packing House Kelowna

~ November 19th 9:00 to 3:00 Glenmore Elementary Glenmore Road, by the Mac’s Store in Kelowna.

~ December 10th- 11th Prospera Place Craft Culture Christmas Show. We will be in the outer concourse, not the inside arena this year.

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This is the before picture of my soon to be long jacket

This grey 100% boiled wool coat will soon become a long up cycled  jacket. The other long jacket is a example of my popular one of a jackets. My Swag coats are very popular and sell as quick as I can make them. Keep a eye on my Face Book to see updates. I will post in this blog it’s transition in process as a new jacket materializes. This will be up for grabs @ my next event at the Laurel Packing House in Kelowna. It will be a size large…


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Behind the scenes of our last photo shoot, new SWAG coming soon to our shop!

13592314_531835473666686_7698509672590796318_n[1] 13600312_531835287000038_721915829561549466_n[1] 13600312_531835237000043_8190853036976010252_n[1] 13607000_531835223666711_170726631837751510_n[1] 13606970_531835660333334_8238365213161065909_n[1] 13613521_531835443666689_7758969722111286385_o[1] 13619888_531835643666669_4309370411458694937_n[1]


13619817_531835200333380_6806728185239748944_n[1]  Models:Dejavu Modeling
Makeup: Irena B
Stylist: Carol M
Photographer: Pam G
Clothing: Upcycled Swag

These photos I took with my cell phone, excited to see the professional version from Pamela. All items in photos are for sale, including boots, shoes, pants etc. Accessories were graciously supplied for the shoot by our stylist Carol M.

Once I receive the photos I will be uploading to my shop all the new SwAg ..

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Spring is in the air right?


Just when the green grass was sprouting, more white stuff fell from the skis upon us. We just might have to hold off on the sun screen for a few more months. On a brighter note, lots of exciting fashions are hitting the run way for spring. Looks like lots of prints and patterns, my favorite to toss together and create some fun looks for the spring/summer season. Olala