I’ve never really given much thought as to when my propensity for fashion began, until now, at this very moment
A few days ago my friend asked me if I would like to sell my hoarded trove of clothing and accessories on her website. I have been collecting for years and If the truth be known I have had trouble parting with most of my beloved finds. I have been selling, sporadically, holding back the good stuff confident that an opportunity would present itself one day.

This last week has been a fly by the seat of my pants kind of a week as I prepared to provide some of my best
pieces for the website re launch which required me to hunt, dig, sort, research, take pictures of, edit and write descriptions for each item.

This morning I pocket dialed my friend and after much chit chat and exchanging of ideas she asked me out of the blue if I would be interested in writing a blog. The idea had NEVER crossed my mind and my first thought was what am I going to blog about! How does that even work! Would I be any good at it!?
That’s what got me thinking about what the topic could be and I wondered where my passion for fashion may have begun. As just about every little girl, playing Barbie was my favorite activity and when my friends came over I used to tell them what the Barbies would be doing and what their Barbies should wear for the occasion. I’m quite certain that there must have been plenty of eye rolling (or was it pouting in those days) going on but I was too busy organizing everybody’s outfits to have even noticed. Besides I was in my element. I was about 4 or 5. By age 9 I was sewing my own Barbie clothes to get my fix so to speak. I used to ask my neighbors for fabric from their scrap bags. Everyone sewed in those days and if we wanted things over and above what the 50 cents a week could buy, we had to scrounge, it was the only way. When I was ten I was on the bus with my mom I remember thinking I will never dress like that! (Koret Fortrel pastel elastic waist pants). I pined to be 13 so I could babysit 3 houses up the lane. They paid better than anyone 75 cents an hour. I needed to buy clothes clothes and more clothes. Soon my friends began to ask me for fashion advise and every time we’d go out they’d come over and raid my closet.

Today I spent 3 hours with my birth mom Vivian going through her closets while she tried on every single article of clothing as I was putting outfits together while trying to explain to her that YES you can wear a polka dot with a chevron, a stripe with a flower, a paisley with a check.

I’ve dabbled a bit over the last few years, had a couple of clothing parties, accessorized for a fashion shoot and helped my friends to dress. I’ve bought a beautiful Hindsgaul mannequin and as weird as it may seem, she resides at my place and she gets to wear some pretty great things.

I don’t know where this new venture or blogging thing will take me or even if there will be a second blog but one thing I do know for sure, that after all these years I’m sill playing Barbie.
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