Reusable Cotton Coffee Filters


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These cotton coffee filters are not only simple to use but will save you money and not to mention they are a great eco option verses paper filters.
I designed this one filter to fit 3 size requirements. It will fit a #1,#2,#4 basket. All you do is roll down the top to fit your desired height of your basket.
How to use ~ Simply wet your filter under the tap squeeze out excess water. Place the filter in your basket, roll down the top if required to fit. Add coffee grounds to filter and presto ready to use.
How to clean ~ Once filter has been used dump used grounds into your compost and or garbage, rinse out the remaining grounds under the tap. It is now ready to reuse or you can hang to dry if no longer needed. Wash when necessary, hang to dry or medium temp in the dryer.
You can buy these in sets of 3 or singles. Buy a set and share with your friends!
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