New Swag Coming Your Way very Soon

Just want to let you all know we are working on dusting off the cobwebs of this sweet Lil site and getting her loaded up again with some amazing Swag!

Our goal is to have it filled up by Jan. We are currently working on over 100 items to photograph and load onto our web site.

We make a wide variety of items such as dresses, skirts, vests, ponchos, jackets, hats, scarfs, arm warmers.

We also have a Zero Waste line that consists of cloth veggie bags a pack comes with 3 different size bags, reusable cloth coffee filters, cloth shopping bags in a few sizes and styles. Mug Hugs are a knit sleeve that slides over your coffee cup or glass mason jar, they have a few different uses, they are very popular.

In the new year, I have a few new staples that will be adding to our line, such as … Heavey duty custom aprons for men & ladies, linen rompers, reusable cloth towels on a roll (to replace paper towels) cloth washable baby wipes. These are just a few new goodies coming in 2021 it’s going to be an amazing year!

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