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As spring is in the air, so is eco living lifestyle. All the media attention focused on the planet seems to have tripled lately, and for a good reason. Our natural resources are depleting at a alarming rate, and people are getting scared. Why is it we need to be scared before we act?

The images of the plastic in our oceans is alarming to say the least. Seeing images of turtles with plastic wound around their necks, as they are slowly dying is heart wrenching. The floating islands of pollution in the middle of the ocean is insane! How did we let this happen? How did it end up there? Is this where our recycle companies dump excess plastics? China is no longer taking Canada’s recyclables, who is?

Did you know the fashion industry was one of the largest polluters on the planet? Yup they sure are. Not to mention the dirty little secret of slave and or child labor use to make those big time labels. The conditions they have to work in is appalling and unsafe. Many of the third world countries that produce these “Fast Fashion” lines dumping their dyes used to dye the fabric directly into the rivers. It is very toxic and its leaching into the underground springs and contaminating all the surrounding water sheds.

These are just a few serious examples of why we all need to make some changes in our own homes. Changes can be big or small it’s up to you, the point is that your making a change at all. Some examples of changes we all can jump in on are using cloth shopping bags, bringing your own mug next time you order coffee, buying more upcycled and or thrift-ed goods. Stop buying clothing that uses slave labors. Their clothing is designed to last for only a few washes so you have to buy more, do you really think you saved any money $, not even. Plant some vegetables, ride your bike more often. Help your friends fix and or repair things they might otherwise have tossed out.

We are all in this together. It’s time everyone wakes up and starts to implement change for the good of our beautiful little planet!

Encourage and educate each other it makes the process that much easier.

Now that we know better, we must now start to do better!

Cheers D

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