Reusable cloth coffee filters (Our zero waste line)

This one filter is designed to fit 3 different size requirements easily. These reusable cotton filters can replace any cone style paper filter. This will fit any basket that uses a #1,#2,#4 filter. To adjust to the requied size, just roll down the top of the filter to the height of your basket it will sit in.
HOW TO USE- Wet your new cloth filter under tap to get wet, roll to desired height of your basket this filter will sit in. Once filter has been used just dump the used grounds into your kitchen compost bin or garbage, rinse under the tap to remove any remaining grounds, its now ready to reuse again if required. When you are done with the filter for the day just rinse it out and hang to dry. Machine wash & dry when needed.
We sell these I singles or sets of 3.
If your interested in wholesale price list please message U.S. directly.

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